6 Best Reasons to Visit Manuel Antonio Costa Rica in The Rainy Season

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica in The Rainy Season

Summer is upon us and in Costa Rica so is the rainy season. While some travelers might avoid a few rainy afternoons in this Central American paradise, there are still many reasons to put Costa Rica and a Manuel Antonio boutique hotel as destinations to visit this summer.

1. The Rain is not as bad as advertised

Normally, it rains between 3 PM and 5 PM, if it rains at all. That would leave almost the whole day open for some fun at the beach or one of the many natural wonders of Costa Rica. Also, if you are unable to avoid the rain, it is pure magic witnessing a powerful rainfall in the jungle.

2. There are fewer crowds to deal with.

While in Costa Rica during the rainy season, it is easy to relax and forget about overcrowded restaurants, overloaded beaches, and endless waiting. During the summer, most places have a nice level of occupancy, and even some beach areas are even on the verge of deserted. So, if you are searching for a peaceful vacation, this is the place.

3. Great deals in the rainy season.

Throughout the world, there are better deals during the low season and Costa Rica is no exception. So, this summer comes and enjoy the great rates and best fares on tours, accommodations, rentals, airplane tickets, and admissions to natural attractions and museums. Come visit Costa Rica and save your money.

4. In Costa Rica, nature is even more remarkable.

There are definitely good reasons why they call it “the green season”. During the summer months, the rain makes everything grow and blossom beautifully, which means it is the ideal time for some mountain climbing, jungle trekking, river rafting, and waterfall swimming.

5. Summer is whale watching season.

Whale watching tour takes place beginning in July during Costa Rica’s rainy season. So, head on over to Dominical and Uvita to meet and greet the wonderful bryde’s and humpback whales that arrive each year.

6. Rainy season in Costa Rica means that it is prime turtle time.

Sea turtles make their way to the Costa Rica Caribbean and Pacific coasts from late March to late August to lay their eggs. There are excellent chances to see hatchback hatchlings from May to July.

Tips for visiting Costa Rica During the Rainy Season

  • Because it is the rainy season, there are naturally more bugs. Therefore, always remember to carry plenty of insect repellent.
  • Rain is less probably during the mornings. Therefore, try to schedule most outdoor activities in the morning.
  • During this time of the year, rain tends to cause nuances as well as landslides. Therefore, it is important to check the current status of the roads you plan to be traveling on during your outing.

Manuel Antonio in the summer has great potential for a dream vacation if you know what to avoid and where to go. Visit http://www.junglevistahotel.com/to reserve the best rooms and take advantage of summertime specials.



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