Beaches You Must Visit Near Manuel Antonio

Beaches You Must Visit Near Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica is a Central American country well known for its beautiful beaches along both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. There are several beaches where tourists enjoy And spend a wonderful time with friends and family. But one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio. This paradise is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and it is a perfect place where you can find white sand, clear water, beautiful reefs and a jungle with a variety of Flora and Fauna. It is a natural reserve that is visited by thousands of tourists each year due to the variety of vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio that make their vacation a great experience.

As we said before this is a well-known beach, but unfortunately, most of the visitors who come here for the first time only stay at Playa Espadilla, which is the main beach at Manuel Antonio. Even though this is a stunning and amazing beach with services such as restaurants, bathrooms, showers, and different vendors.


There are other beaches in the same Manuel Antonio area, which are also beautiful even though they are considered hidden beaches. Each of these beaches has its personality and they also have many things to offer to their visitors. If you decide to visit Manuel Antonio, you might probably want to visit Playa Espadilla Sur. Of all the hidden beaches in Manuel Antonio, this is the most accessible beach there is. Just as the name says, it is located on the south of the main beach and it’s only separated by a rock formation. If you love white sand beaches, Playa Espadilla Sur is the beach for you. The sand on this beach is whiter than the sand on the North. If you like privacy Playa Espadilla Sur is the place you are looking for. Even though you might not find all the services on this beach, you will be able to have bathrooms and showers to use them anytime you want. This is a beautiful swimming beach where you don’t have to worry about Riptides.


If you love snorkeling, Manuel Antonio Beach is the perfect place for you. This is located on the opposite side of Playa Espadilla Sur. You will discover this amazing place at the end of the main trail of the park. Even though it’s a small beach, it is perfect for swimming because of its calm water that creates wonderful tide pools. It is surrounded by green mangroves and palms which just gives this beach a beautiful view. If you decide to visit this beach, it will be a good idea to bring water and food because you won’t find any in this area. But you will surely be able to see a lot of monkeys.


Another Beach that is not often visited because of it’s difficult to access is Playa Biesanz. As you walk from the main Highway you will see different vendors selling different kinds of food and drinks as well as accessories and souvenirs. This beach is characterized by having a Rocky floor where you will find thousands of crabs living on these rocks as well of different animals on the trees such as monkeys and if you are lucky you might even see sloths.


If you continue your way you will reach Playa Macha. This is a beautiful small beach that is basically for yourself. Not many people visit this beach because they just prefer to stay on the Main Beach. Imagine lying on this wonderful beach and hearing nothing but the sound of the waves. This beach is the perfect combination of hiking and swimming and relaxing. You can bring food and drinks, relax with your friends and even meditate because of the calmness of the area. As we said not many people visit this beach because you must hike for about 40 minutes from the main road to get here. If you are in good shape, don’t have any medical conditions and are traveling without children, this will be a wonderful place to visit.

Manuel Antonio has amazing beaches to offer to its tourists. It is just one of the most popular places in Costa Rica you must visit. No matter if you like swimming at the beach, lying on the sand or walking through the jungle, in Manuel Antonio you will be able to do all these activities and more. Come visit Manuel Antonio, which is a spectacular vacation destiny you must visit at least once in your You can stay at The Jungle Vista Inn. The most incredible place to stay in Manuel Antonio. You can visit us at and check all the services we have for you.



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