Best Times to Visit Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Best Times to Visit Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Guide To Planning Your Next Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Vacation

Lying within one of the country’s most celebrated spots is Manuel Antonio, a hub for biodiversity, attracting nature buffs, eco-travelers and adventure-seekers alike. In Manuel Antonio exists no shortages of classy places to rest your head. In the Jungle Vista Boutique Hotel exists a jungle boutique hotel in Manuel Antonio  that seeks to offer its guests the opportunity to seamlessly experience Costa Rica’s pristine nature with all the comforts and amenities of a true home-away-from-home. Our hotel is conveniently located off Manuel Antonio’s main road, making it an ideal hotel getaway for guests seeking to discover the famous destinations of Manuel Antonio, from the town’s paradise beaches to the world-renowned Manuel Antonio National Park , to the delicious restaurants and breathtaking adventures.

When Are The Best Times To Visit Costa Rica

Knowing exactly when to pay a visit to Costa Rica to get the best out of the place and make the most of your experience can be a tough decision to make,  and whilst the answer totally depends on you, we can help you with some information to help guide you in decision as to when exactly to visit Costa Rica. The best time, arguably, to visit Costa Rica is somewhere between mid-December and April (the dry season). It is during this season that you find the country teeming with tourists, and the abundance of sunshine during that season, makes it the perfect time to explore the rainforests and relax on the beaches

It is important to note that because this period is the most popular time to visit Costa Rica, it also calls for much spending. Having said that, regardless of the season in which you find yourself in Costa Rica, the U.S dollar is always going to be valuable. In order to secure a spot, it is highly recommended to book your room and make your tour reservations way earlier, preferably three months in advance. You may also choose to visit between the months of May and November when prices are at their barest minimum. The only downside is having to deal with the rains during your expeditions.


As mentioned earlier, it is during this (dry) period that Costa Rica attracts a lot of sunshine as well as tourists. Scores throng from all walks of life across the world in a bid to savour the country’s spectacular rainforests and sandy shorelines.  During the dry season, fun is not lost on Costa Rica. With high-spirited carnivals and festivities blooming at this time of the year across the country, you should be in for a worthwhile experience. Like the many North America and European visitors come in their numbers in December and January, you can also come for respite from the chilly winter months at home to bask in the glory of the sun and enjoy some wonderful moments with the scenery.


You are also welcome to visit  during this (green season) period if you have no issues whatsoever getting caught in the drizzle.  Considering the fact that there are few tourists within this period, accommodation costs are quite on the low.  Expect showers from May through to September or October along the Caribbean Coast before the sun wakes up from its dormancy. Untarred roads during this season can also become problematic should you want to make way to certain remote areas. It may sound drab reading all about how inconvenient it may be visiting Costa Rica during the wet season but there’s a sweet spot in this low season; in the months of July and August, lots of tourists pour into the country to witness the country’s natural wildlife without getting soaked. If it is within these months that you plan to visit, make sure to book your reservations several months in advance.  

Book a Stay in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Our advice is to book your holiday vacations well in advance to avoid any surprises. Visit to reserve the best rooms and take advantage of any early bird specials.



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