Spring Break in Costa Rica Guide

Spring Break in Costa Rica Guide

Your Survival Guide for Spring Break in Costa Rica

When it comes to warm weather, beautiful sun and spring break; you’re probably thinking it is about time you head to Costa Rica. You probably know that you have to make a list, check it twice and know you’re planned out for the vacation and adventure of a lifetime. Of course, you need to make sure that you have everything ready to go. This is where our guide comes in handy. Find the best hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, and the rest is going to be able to fall in line not far behind.

Walk with us as we show you some of the things you need to make sure that you do for your time away from home on spring break.

Plan Your Spring Break Trip Ahead

You want to create a list. You can put down the things you need, the things you need to do, things you want to do while there, and of course, some of the best places to stay while in Costa Rica. Having a list or a ‘game plan’ can make things easier when the time comes to head out.

Find Your Hotel

You’ve probably already booked the flight to get there and the ride to the airport, but now it is time to find your hotel and make sure that your stay is somewhere you feel safe and that provides everything you need. The right hotel is going to make all the difference on how you feel and experience your stay in the area. It is a very important decision to make!

Bring Essentials

Try not to pack everything but the kitchen sink when you are flying out. You want to have the essentials with you, but make sure to know that you can wear the same dress twice, or you can bring two bathing suits and switch between those the entire week.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for having anything, and sometimes everything, happen all at once. You might find that you hit a few snags along the way. That is okay! Be optimistic and open minded when you take your trip to this new beautiful place. Delays happen and things end up not the way we plan, but it is not the end of the world!

Enjoy Your Stay In Costa Rica!

It is important that you enjoy your stay! You want to take some time out for family, for friends and for yourself! Live in the moment and know that everything about this place is something you can take in and soak up. Sure, take pictures but don’t live on the phone. Live in the moment.

It is important that once you have gone through this list, that you feel confident about the trip you are going to be taking. You should feel that you have taken the right steps needed to really enjoy the trip you are going on. You’ve chosen your resort and hotel, you’ve booked your flight, you know what to pack and know you are ready to enjoy!



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